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The Politics in Cricket

I was reading an article about the next ICC AGM this month. The article was a well written one contributed by AFP. The last line however reads – “(the meeting) …will closely examine the problem of corruption, after last year’s spot-fixing scandal involving Pakistan.”

The article made me think about the way Pakistan Cricket is being victimized by the media and ICC members countries. The spot fixing scandal was an individual action not the country’s or the Board’s. Therefore it should be written as such.

I desired to comment on the article but comments do not always get published without editing. Once you post a comment, it normally goes in the waiting queue for approval and by the time they approve your comment, new comments may have also been posted thus pushing your comments out of the first page and thereby out of the viewer’s eye. Anyway, I have started this blog for the cricket lovers like me to post their articles and comment on cricketing events around the world.

Now coming back to our topic. The article titled “ICC set for fiery talks in Hong Kong” published on http://www.thenews.com.pk website has referred to the spot-fixing scandal as Pakistan’s. If one ponders, one realizes that on many occasions, Pakistan Cricket is mistreated and misrepresented in the media all around the world. Accepting the fact that Pakistan Cricket has a lot of problems and is being run by an incompetent board that has created issues where there were no issues, has strained relations with several cricket boards around the world and has even threatened to take the ICC to court. But still, looking at it from a Pakistani cricket lover’s perspective, one feels victimized.
Pakistan is a small country and has its problems but that does not mean that anyone can choose to disgrace her and humiliate her in any way he/she desires.

Pakistan is a victim of unsupportive attitude of its neighbour countries and fellow boards. It was stripped off its right to host the 2011 Cricket World Cup with the major share of the matches planned in to be played in Pakistan going to India. What one fails to understand is that, if there were security threats, Pakistan could have hosted her matches in the UAE as has been the case in other home series. But no, there was a lot of money involved and the more powerful wanted to take a chunk out of it.

I am priety sure that once the security situation in Pakistan improves, Pakistan would not get to host a world cup on its own as a compensation for the 2011 Worldcup. If Pakistan shows her desire to do so, India would have to be included as a natural partner thus giving further advantage to India.

As a cricket fan, I do not care about the monetary benefits of hosting matches. All I care about is neat and clean cricket. Unfortunately, cricket is getting plagued with power politics. I am not sure if we can call it a gentleman’s game anymore. All I see is that the game is no more fair or free from politics. Can a country like bangladesh or Ireland ban Indian teams from the Champions league. I wonder if England or South Africa can. But surely India can and has. India has also refused to allow its players in the Srilankan Cricket League thus giving SLCL major financial setback interms of viewership and broadcasting revenues. I am sure, if Pakistan launches its version of the IPL, the BCCI would definately be the major obstacle to cross. Furthermore, Pakistan is the only major test playing nation not to have a team in the Champions League. Its players are not welcome at the IPL. And most interestingly, the next ICC president for 2014 is supposed to be nominated by Pakistan and Bangladesh and we hear talks that powerhouse India is spearheading a move to end the rotational presidency system. Thus countries like Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh, West Indies and Zimbabwe can forget about having the ICC presidency.

Let us leave politics out of cricket. If the political ties between India and Pakistan deteriorate, we see the that the test series gets cancelled. This should not be the case. Cricket should not be effected by it. Infact, cricket should work to bring the counties back together.


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6 thoughts on “The Politics in Cricket

  1. After passing of 4 days, my comments on the website http://www.thenews.com.pk are still not approved and the news is already out of the first page. This is exactly why I have formed this blog, so that cricket lovers can get their views and comments on the internet fast.

    For reference, you may logon to the article on the actual website and still see the remarks – “Be the first to cemment” still displayed even through I commented on it 4 days ago.
    URL: http://www.thenews.com.pk/NewsDetail.aspx?ID=17524

    Posted by Cricblogger | June 28, 2011, 7:14 am
  2. HI Jawad

    I agree with you. But i would like to mention some things that is Politics has made lots of changes in Indian Cricket and that has made the BCCI the strongest in ICC Members list. Secondly India Pakistan series should be played as sports should not get involve in politics but what about the Pakistan as nation supporting our country for terror. India Pakistan series will give lots of money to Pakistan as no body is ready to play against them in their country due to lots of Match fixings allegations and terror attacks. I would like to see Pakistan Cricket run by some classy players who were clean and gentleman while playing cricket and this might help Pakistan cricket to come out of crises. BCCI is not at all against Pakistan Cricket or not supportive, look at Bangladesh Cricket they openly mentioned that BCCI has been supportive through all their years in crises.
    We just need to put out all corrupt politicians involved in this Cricket and My friend Its not only in BCCI.

    Thanks and Regards

    Posted by Karan Sinha | July 5, 2011, 11:09 am
  3. Pakistan must stop blaming India for everything. Sadly the text books for kids start it.
    Match fixing which has a long history in Pakistan has been swept under the carpet, except for the inconvenient Salim Mallik. Anyone deny what happened in UK. What was the need for it. Three of the finest cricketers in the world, had their hand in the till, and got caught.
    Pak Cricket administrators are not chosen in India. They are jokers. Worse than our jokers. Pak captains have a short shelf life. Some as they have no control over their tongue.
    Like Afridi. Why has he been blaming India for so many of his ills. If he did not get a job with any corporate in India, he cannot complain. The teams are corporate property. What he said here and what he said in Pak after the WC were different. A forked tongue. Like it or not Money talks. Miandad also has much to talk. How can we accept the nonsense he says, knowing his daughter in law is Dawood’s daughter. We cannot ignore what Dawood is upto in India, and very likely in Pakistan. He has a good reason to keep Karachi on the boil.
    The World Cup in Dubai, is a joke. It’s the hotbed of fixing, and what’s the atmosphere there.
    While many would like India to play Cricket with Paki, it won’t be a very popular decision, when sponsored terrorism is still going on. Its easy to say its a freedom fight. It will not be easy for BCCI to allow Indian team play Pakistan anywhere now. The cost of protecting Pakistani players is too much for the IPL. And it’s not worth the trouble, even Dawood may hit them to create mayhem, and blame Indians.
    Put your house in order. Stop seeing the stick in your brother’s eye. There too much wrong in Pak Cricket now. Hope one day it will change, and we would like our teams to play each other.
    Ijaz Butt for ICC President!!

    Posted by KCN | July 16, 2011, 1:32 pm
  4. when we talk about match fixing, one cannot forget Ajay Jadeja and Azharuddin.

    Posted by CJ | July 18, 2011, 9:39 am


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