Rotational Presidency – the debate continues

The ICC defered the decision on the change in rotational presidency policy. This comes after the PCB objected against the change and the Bangladesh Cricket Board suggested that the change be implemented only after all full members got their term. News has it that a third member also objected on the way the policy change was being handled and recommended that due deligence be given to the matter before its put before the board.

This would the fourth change in the presidency policy that would be considered in 15 years, a presidence that surely wont be cherished in times to come. Somehow or the other, one can’t help thinking that the change in policy is being proposed immediately after the BCCI got the presidency and Australia/New Zealand are in que for the next term. Is the Bangladesh Cricket Board less important, do they have less capable people to run the ICC matters, the question of how fair the ICC would be with its member and non member nations lingers on for the moment.

The question that has been in the mind of all and of recent has been expressed by few, is that “Is cricket still a gentleman’s game?”. On the field – YES, but off the field, its becoming a mess – plagued with power politics, away from fair play, driven by monetary benefits. The control of BCCI on ICC is increasing by the day. Just consider a Champions league of the world where teams are invited at the discretion of the Indian board.

For the sake of the game, please stand up for justice. The commercialization of the T20s and the ICC under the control of BCCI is taking away the grace of the game that was once considered The Gentleman’s Game.


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2 thoughts on “Rotational Presidency – the debate continues

  1. Jawad I agree with you, ICC is now basically own by BCCI as if you see the latest schedules of tours for all countries it clearly shows how ICC is occupied by Indians as very few matches are schedules for countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh in next 2 years but for India, Aus and England. Please see the below link for more details

    Posted by Ahmed Hasan | June 30, 2011, 7:55 am


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