Ganguly hails decision to implement DRS

Saurav Ganguly hails the ICC’s decision to implement the DRS system. Despite the Indian lobby against the DRS system in which india stands alone in their stance to eliminate the DRS, former indian captain thinks that the DRS is a step forward for the game.
The DRS system allows players to challenge the umpire’s decision and request for a review using latest technology. There has been debate on the accuracy of the technology but on the whole cricket boards and players have welcomed it. On numerous occasions, the DRS has helped right the wrongs. In a World Cup 2011 match between Pakistan and Canada, five successful referrals were made in which the umpire’s decisions were wrong. Had the DRS not been in place, the match would have gone down in history as one of the worst umpired matches.

Ganguly, speaking at the annual conference of the ICC in Hong Kong, said that the ICC’s decision to make the DRS mandatory in ODI and Test was a step forward for the game of cricket. Ganguly was part of the Indian team which played the first series under the DRS. The team had questioned the accuracy of the DRS system back then but now Ganguly says that things have improved and technology can only bring betterment to the game. “At the time we were not convinced by the camera angles in use at the time, we were not convinced they were right.” Ganguly said. “There was so much negativity around it that we didn’t think it worked. Hopefully there’s much more consistency around it now.” Today, after being a commentator at many a matches using DRS, he thinks otherwise.

Its not easy to comprehend why anyone would want to avoid a system that can only help bring fairplay to the game and eliminate incorrect decisions. In an Australia Pakistan match in the World Cup 2011, Ricky Ponting had edged a ball of Muhammad Hafeez but empire gave not out. Knowing that he had nicked the ball, the player still stood his ground only to be given out after Pakistan requested a review of the decision. Had it not been for the DRS, Ponting could have gone on to score a century and change the outcome of the game. Gone are the times when players like Majid Khan would walk away having edged a ball even if umpire did not give them out. Infact, he wouldn’t even wait for the umpire’s decision, if he knows he nicked a ball, he would just walk off. Of recent, in the 2003 World Cup semi final against Sri Lanka, Adam Gilcrist displayed great sportman spirit when he walked off the field even though empire gave him not out. Today, the fear of DRS could bring that spirit back to the game of cricket.


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