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The Pakistan Task Team Report

The ICC tasked it’s most competent person (pun not intended) to lead the Pakistan Task Team. A man who had been in ‘not the best of terms’ with the PCB chairman. But leaving that aside, the report of the PTT does not say much about bringing international cricket back to Pakistan, its main purpose in the first place. Neither did the team visit Pakistan even once, nor did they hire a third party to assess the security situation for the game of cricket in the country. Just recently, the Afghanistan national cricket team visited Pakistan and played safely without any trouble. FIFA rubished Bangladesh football association’s concerned about security situation in Pakistan, and told Bangladesh football association that they had to visit Pakistan for their qualifier match. Why can’t the ICC take a similar stand. Or are they happy with the way things are going?

The PTT seems to lack the intent to do something about bringing international cricket back to Pakistan. They seem satisfied with the current state of events. Infact, Mr. Clarke might be more interested in what share the ECB can get in hosting Pakistan home series in England.

Paper work complete.


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One thought on “The Pakistan Task Team Report

  1. You get to eat your own share and have a big chunk out of Pakistan’s – what else would you want. Welldone Mr. Clarke.

    Posted by Khurram | July 7, 2011, 12:12 pm

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