Tendulkar’s 100th Century Myth

Sachin Tendulkar

Tendulkar has the highest number of centuries under his belt

The BIG question is – will Sachin Tendulkar get his 100th century in the current English tour. Tendulkar one of the greatest batsman of the current era, has 51 Test centuries and 48 ODI centuries under his belt. He has been looking for one more century in any format of the game to get to 100 international centuries – a great milestone indeed. He is a genius when it comes to scoring runs. He has scored centuries in almost all test playing countries and against all test playing countries. Of recent, he broke Pakistan’s Saeed Anwar’s record of being the highest scorer in ODIs and became the first cricketer to reach the magical figure of 200 runs. However, Tendulkar has been critisized for the fact that India has lost on many occassions when he scored a century. Is this true and if so, why? Cricblogger looks at the record of Tendulkar’s centuries in ODIs and their effect on the outcome of the match. Why does India loose when Sachin score a century or is it just a myth? This is a question that has surfaced once in a while, among cricketing analysts. Inzamam ul Haq, on the contrary had a reputation of scoring centuries in crunch situations. His centuries had always helped Pakistan win. He scored his centuries when odds were against. First we look at simple statistics and then have a detailed look at the result of each match in which Tendulkar got a century. Out of 48 ODI centuries that Tendulkar has scored, 33 times India has won, 13 times India lost, 1 match was a tie, and once the match was a no-result. This reflects to a percentage 68.75% centuries that got India afloat but looking at it in detail shows that out of these 33 match-winning centuries, 9 were against minnows like Kenya, Namibia and Zimbabwe – ssssshhh… thats a secret.

Now lets look at other players:

Mahela Jaywardene: 15 ODI centuries, out of which 14 are match winning. Winning percentage: 93.33

Mohammad Yousuf: 15 ODI centuries, out of which 14 are match winning. Winning percentage: 93.33.

Sachin Tendulkar

I have got my century, now somebody go and finish off the job

Virender Sehwag: 14 ODI centuries, out of which 13 are match winning. Winning percentage: 92.85

Sanath Jayasuriya: 28 ODI centuries, out of which 24 are match winning. Winning percentage: 85.71

Brian Lara: 19 ODI centuries out of which 16 are match winning. Winning percentage: 84.21

Saurav Ganuguly: 22 ODI centuries, out of which 18 are match winning. Winning percentage: 81.81

List of Tendulkar’s ODI centuries and their effect on the outcome of the match is given in detail below:

Score Against Pos In S/R Venue Date         Result
110  Australia 2 1 84.61 Neutral 9-Sep-94 Won
115  New Zealand 2 2 84.55 Home 28-Oct-94 Won
105  West Indies 2 1 78.35 Home 11-Nov-94 Won
112*  Sri Lanka 2 2 104.67 Neutral 9-Apr-95 Won
127*  Kenya 2 2 92.02 Home 18-Feb-96 Won
137  Sri Lanka 2 1 100 Home 2-Mar-96 Lost
100  Pakistan 2 1 90.09 Neutral 5-Apr-96 Lost
118  Pakistan 2 1 84.28 Neutral 15-Apr-96 Won
110  Sri Lanka 2 1 79.71 Away 28-Aug-96 Lost
114  South Africa 1 1 90.47 Home 14-Dec-96 Won
104  Zimbabwe 1 1 107.21 Neutral 9-Feb-97 Won
117  New Zealand 2 2 85.4 Home 14-May-97 Won
100  Australia 2 2 112.35 Home 7-Apr-98 Won
143  Australia 2 2 109.16 Neutral 22-Apr-98 Lost
134  Australia 2 2 102.29 Neutral 24-Apr-98 Won
100*  Kenya 2 2 97.08 Home 31-May-98 Won
128  Sri Lanka 2 1 97.7 Away 7-Jul-98 Won
127*  Zimbabwe 2 2 97.69 Away 26-Sep-98 Won
141  Australia 2 1 110.15 Neutral 28-Oct-98 Won
118*  Zimbabwe 2 2 105.35 Neutral 8-Nov-98 Won
124*  Zimbabwe 2 2 134.78 Neutral 13-Nov-98 Won
140*  Kenya 4 1 138.61 Neutral 23-May-99 Won
120  Sri Lanka 1 1 85.1 Away 29-Aug-99 Won
186*  New Zealand 2 1 124 Home 8-Nov-99 Won
122  South Africa 2 2 88.4 Home 17-Mar-00 Won
101  Sri Lanka 2 1 72.14 Neutral 20-Oct-00 Lost
146  Zimbabwe 2 1 95.42 Home 8-Dec-00 Lost
139  Australia 2 1 111.2 Home 31-Mar-01 Won
122*  West Indies 2 2 93.12 Neutral 4-Jul-01 Won
101  South Africa 2 1 78.29 Away 5-Oct-01 Lost
146  Kenya 2 1 110.6 Neutral 24-Oct-01 Won
105*  England 4 1 97.22 Away 4-Jul-02 No Result
113  Sri Lanka 4 1 110.78 Neutral 11-Jul-02 Won
152  Namibia 2 1 100.66 Neutral 23-Feb-03 Won
100  Australia 2 1 84.03 Home 26-Oct-03 Won
102  New Zealand 2 1 112.08 Home 15-Nov-03 Won
141  Pakistan 2 2 104.44 Away 16-Mar-04 Lost
123  Pakistan 2 1 94.61 Home 12-Apr-05 Lost
100  Pakistan 2 1 88.49 Away 6-Feb-06 Lost
141*  West Indies 2 1 95.27 Neutral 14-Sep-06 Lost
100*  West Indies 4 1 131.57 Home 31-Jan-07 Won
117*  Australia 1 2 97.5 Away 2-Mar-08 Won
163*  New Zealand 2 1 122.55 Away 8-Mar-09 Won
138  Sri Lanka 1 1 103.76 Away 14-Sep-09 Won
175  Australia 2 2 124.11 Home 5-Nov-09 Lost
200*  South Africa 2 1 136.05 Home 24-Feb-10 Won
120  England 2 1 104.35 Home 27-Feb-11 Tied
111  South Africa 2 1 109.9 Home 12-Mar-11 Lost

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42 thoughts on “Tendulkar’s 100th Century Myth

  1. “Mahela Jaywardene: 13 ODI centuries, out of which 13 are match winning. Winning percentage: 100” ?????
    What about one particular World Cup Final???
    Check your stats b4 posting!

    Posted by Satheesh Kumar | July 20, 2011, 12:14 pm
  2. Well said Satish..
    Against Australia 7 centuries in win and 2 loose ..Dominant team in last 16 years.
    If you mention zim,ken ,nam ..Mention record against Aussies as well..
    Now go and look eveyone else record against aussies..

    Posted by Prashant | July 20, 2011, 12:30 pm
  3. You are right Satheesh, Jayawerdena has 15 centuries out of which 14 are match winning. so success rate is 93.33%. All other stats are correct. If you see any discrepancy, please do mention.

    thanks Satheesh.

    Posted by Jawad | July 20, 2011, 12:35 pm
  4. Dont know what u want to prove by this statistics….r u trying to blame Tendulkar for these lost??? if yes then please stop blogging and go to any mental asylum…

    Posted by satya | July 20, 2011, 12:45 pm
  5. Does making 90+ and contributing to win the match count as a match winning performance?

    Posted by Neo | July 20, 2011, 12:52 pm
  6. Analysis can be done in many ways. Did you ever considered the total score made by his team mates (other 10 members) when India lost the matches ?

    Posted by Srikanth | July 20, 2011, 12:52 pm
  7. Hi,

    when sachin scored centuries against Kenya,Zimbabwe,Namibia Except Namibia remaining are strong at that time. Remeber Kenya reached semifinal in 2003 worldcup and Zimbabwe defeated India(no sachin) in 1999 world cup. Now zimbabwe,kenya are not strong.

    So you mean to say except sachin remaining all scored centuries against strong teams only,It is not correct. They also scored centuries against weak teams.

    No one can reach Sachin. Sachin is ever green Great Player.

    Posted by Pavanyr | July 20, 2011, 1:05 pm
  8. Yes, Great analysis by MR.Jawad but he forget to mention lot of points.
    Against AUS he scored 9 centuries in that india won 7 matches, Against New zealand he scored 5 centuries and india won all 5 matches, Against South Africa he scored 5 centuries and india won 3 matches,Against Srilanka he scored 8 matches and india won 5 matches.Against WI he scored 3 centuries and india won all the 3 matches.
    We agree Mahela is good batsmen but can u mention his centuries with their opposition? as i Mentioned ?

    And coming to your point ( scored centuries against minnows ) Still late 90’s Zimbabwe and Kenya are the good sides, I will say at that time they played some really good cricket against India.

    As you mentioned 13 centuries went in vain, I just want to say only one thing when sachin scores a century rest of the players in the team where forget there role. and they got out cheaply ( Mind you cricket is not a single man game everyone should involve ).

    What ever the century he scored he played it from heart.

    Posted by Hari | July 20, 2011, 1:07 pm
  9. At the end of the day, The others haven’t won their team more matches than Sachin. So he is better no??

    Posted by Rhythm | July 20, 2011, 1:15 pm
  10. Don put some stupid statistics….please understand the cricket…n then write…Cricket is game of 11….take 2 examples of Sachin scored hundred and India lost the match
    1. 143 in Sharjah against Australia – This is one of the best one day innigs played by Sachin (no other Cricketor like Mahela n Inzamam has ever played inning like this)…Still India lost the match…only because….he was alone fighting…it was nt 11 vs 11…it was 1 vs 11.

    2. 175 against Australia – It is one of the most hillarious one day inning…Can you belive…he scored 175 chasing 350+ runs against the best team…still ended on lossing side…again the same reson…he was fighting the lone battle..

    Posted by Girish | July 20, 2011, 1:17 pm
  11. Hi,

    If you really think most of Sachin’s centuries end on a losing cause, then count the number of centuries Inzamam has against the world beating Aussies until 4 years ago or for argument’s sake count the number of combined centuries the Pakistani batsmen have against the Aussies. In my opinion, Sachin’s centuries against Aussies outnumber the combined centuries posted by the Pakistani batsmen against Aussies or the combined Pakistani tally could marginally be ahead of Sachin’s tons against the Aussies. Its insensible to blog without proper cricketing brains.

    Posted by Sunil | July 20, 2011, 1:21 pm
  12. Well Said RHYTHM if u check the no. of matches played by the others , they also almostly played sm number of matches bt could nt make atleast 30 centuries.
    In tough situations, when sachin plays none other player contributes and they relax.
    that’s the reason.

    Posted by BELLAM | July 20, 2011, 1:29 pm
  13. well even if you take out 9 centuries out of 33 (for winning coz) he still has max ceturies by any player in winning coz (Only sanath has 24 in winning coz and that to in almost same no of innings as Sachin) is % more important or no of centuries ?

    Posted by Omkar Siddharth Bapat | July 20, 2011, 1:29 pm
  14. Sachins got 33centuries in a india win even if leave out those 9 against minnows he’s got max ceturies in a win (Santh has 24 but then if u leave out his centuries against minnows then he’s way short of sachin’s mark)

    Posted by Omkar Siddharth Bapat | July 20, 2011, 1:32 pm
  15. Explain this century:

    175 Australia 2 2 124.11 Home 5-Nov-09 Lost

    Tell me how it was not a century scored in a crunch situation. And tell me how it was his fault that India lost. Tell me how many teams would even have reached where India did that day.

    Posted by anon | July 20, 2011, 1:35 pm
  16. If you just look at the result for each match in which he scored century your analysis is wrong.

    Look at the actual scorecard you will see more often it was his effort which at least helped team put respectable total on board and in many other bowlers and fielders did not do their job…so how do you hold one player who played role assigned to him to the perfection. If 5 players collectively can not score 16 runs to win test match at Chennai against Pakistan how do you blame an injured player who labored the team to the finish line bearing all the pain??

    Do not blame any player for that matter who has served their respective country and highly regarded for their effort without studying details.

    Posted by Sachin | July 20, 2011, 1:39 pm
  17. For Team India the crunch situation is when Sachin gets out, until then it is an easy situation. I feel it has become a fashion to criticise great people, without understanding the efforts of these people. The greatness of a number cruncher or a blogger is that he can type on the PC. These criticiser has never achieved anything in their lives, they can not achieve a fraction of what these people has achieved and even then they have their opinions. Anybody who doubts Sachin’s achievement, is ignorant of cricket.

    Posted by Marcus | July 20, 2011, 2:05 pm
  18. @jawad you know Sachin has been dismissed 17 times in 90’s in ODIS and India has won 15 of those..So don’t count only the hundreds only ,check this stat too….you theory of stating Tendulkar hasn’t contributed in India’s great ODI’s win is completely your myth…

    Posted by Vipul | July 20, 2011, 2:19 pm
  19. This post is just dumb!

    Posted by fonzie | July 20, 2011, 2:22 pm
  20. Mr. Jawad…frankly…you don understand cricket…please stop writing your stupid blogs

    Posted by Girish | July 20, 2011, 2:51 pm
  21. Jawadbhai, I understand where this article is coming from. Are you a Pakistani by any chance? Sorry, if you are not but that’s how it seems. If you are indeed a pakistani, I don’t blame you to write such article. Actually, the whole country is raised to envy India and Indians. Here, point is not that Sachin would get a 100 and then get out to let someone else finish off the job. Point here is how he gets out. What is his attitude towards his game.
    Just want to give you comparison: Remember the world cup semi-final between Ind and Pak? I thought it was a target very easily achievable for Pak to win. However, your so called country ‘hero’ (Sahabjaada Mohammed Khan Afridi) didn’t want to stay on the pitch. He gave it away. Now, that was a crunch situation and that was a reply from your national cricket hero of modern times. And, again I don’t blame him. Many people say that SRT was LBW out in Ajmal’s over. May be. And if that was given out, India would have never reached to the score that “high”. Two arguments to that: First of all India was never all out in the game so, they might still have score that many. Second, forgetting about that LBW decision for a moment, what about those catches that Younis Khan and Misbah Ul Haq dropped off of SRT? As far as defeat went, your middle order made sure that Pak wouldn’t win. Like, both Younis Khan and Misbah Ul Haq played way too slower than test cricket. And again, then comes Sahabjaada Mohammed Khan Afridi. Crunch situation. Needed patience and just to hang around there on the pitch. But, he said…”well, what the hack. I’m no tendulkar. I’m just going to try to rip the indian bowlers and someday became president of PCB or Pakistan national for that matter”. And on the other side, Sachin’s smooth, clam, patience, mature attitude for whole of last 22 years. Just remember, every dog has a day but, a lion always remains the king. So, don’t loose your slip on this. Jealousy is part of nature….just try to think about something else like, how come Pakistan never had honest players, why don’t they have good administration, why don’t they have good batting and fielding (including keeper), when will Pakistan start having games on their home grounds and things like that. SRT is definitely out of your reach. If you still don’t believe it, just read all of the comments on this article. You didn’t get a single support. Now, that is some statistics. Khuda Hafis. Alvida. Salam. Khuda tumhe kheriat aur sukoon de. Aamin!

    Posted by Gandhi | July 20, 2011, 3:28 pm
  22. Did u bet with somebody to get huge traffic on your blog? Nice try but this is not your day.
    We are not here for a good reason. May be you should think thrice before posting such stupid thing.

    Posted by aktar | July 20, 2011, 4:03 pm
  23. Jawad, while I commend your depth of getting such granular information, your null hypothesis is flawed- in fact, what is your null hypothesis? There are at least three key flaws in your analysis.
    Tendulkar’s 99 centuries included 51 Test hundreds, yet your analysis has only focused on his 48 ODI hundreds [FLAW #1]. A format of the game, of which only the World Cup is the only established competition with any serious relevance! (how relevant are those ‘dodgy’ ODI knocks in Sharjah or Toronto or Malaysia in his true greatness? Looking back in history- who cares about those games??)
    Tendulkar’s 51 Test hundreds include match-winnings knocks in all four innings both home and away. In ODI cricket, some of his best knocks haven’t been centuries (eg, his 85 v Pakistan in SF)… yet your analysis has only focused on the centuries aspect [FLAW #2]. Your analysis is so flawed, you’ve listed Sehwag (a curiously below average ODI player) as more of a match-winner on the basis that his centuries have resulted in a higher win percentage, yet his average is c15 runs less than Tendulkar’s [FLAW #3].

    To finish, Jayawardene – he’s won all those games where’s he’ scored a 100, but the one time he didn’t having scored a century… well, the rest as they say, ‘is history’!

    Posted by T | July 20, 2011, 4:05 pm
  24. Calm down folks . everybody is entitled to have an opinion and so is jawad. and then jawad is not the only person who has raised this question . there were, there are and there will be many such jawads who will have these kind of questions.

    Jawad , your analysis is correct mostly (except few mistakes here and there which is ok) . However, i think you just became another victim of black magic of maths . you just took “%” to determine the greatness of the player. If someone plays only 1 match in his career and wins that match with a century , his % will be 100%, so he is greater than any other batsman . And yes his career average will be 100+ so he is greater than Sir DON bradman also 🙂 . people who want to criticise tendulkar very often take the help from mathematics. Tendulkar has 99 centuries , how can u compare him with someone who has 20/30/40/50 centuries in their whole career.

    To compare with tendulkar you need someone with at least 75 centuries, and unfortunately all your other examples do not fit in that category. Mistake . Never take tendulkar’s example . there are two kind of batsman in this world . 1) tendular 2) non-tendulkar . always pick someone from second category if you would like people to support you 🙂

    Posted by abhishek | July 20, 2011, 5:43 pm
  25. GUYS, Tendulkar is a great player – no doubts. Nobody is saying that he is not. His 7 winning centuries against Australia were great performances. But at the same time, you cannot ignore the fact that on many occassions, even though Sachin scores a century, India still looses. Now I am not saying that when others score, their teams always win. But you come to expect more aggression at the correct moment from a player of his caliber. Is it because he plays it safe when his team needs him to show more aggression and shows aggression when the situation is easy. Well, Can’t say! But lots of cricket analysts have been raising this question for some time now.

    Not taking anything away from Tendulkar. Personally, I am a bigger fan of Ganguly. He was a true fighter. He would usually fight it till the end. Inzamam is another such great performer. His best performance usually came in the most difficult of situations. Once he got set, he would make sure that his team was safely ashore.

    Posted by Jawad | July 20, 2011, 6:56 pm
  26. Wow, “he plays it safe when his team needs him to show more aggression and shows aggression when the situation is easy” Do you even realise how dumb that sounded. And why do you shy away from answering the comments in their entirety. The only two losses against Australia being the Sharjah game(where He actually took his team to finals single handedly and then won it,again single-handedly) and the 175. Do you seriously think these are his failures?
    And the MOST important bit, out of his 13 centuries which came in a losing cause, other than the above mentioned two,only ONE, was when India was chasing. 10 of the 13 were in match where India batted first, put up a good score and then lost. What does that tell you? Is Sachin to blame or India’s famed bowling line up?

    Posted by Shivek | July 21, 2011, 2:12 am
  27. Yeah everyone has an opinion. So there is no point in losing our heads….. Just to clarify though : I am a huge Sachin fan and that is no way affected by such mundane things like statistics.. The status of Sachin in India is far beyond just cricket.. 🙂

    BTW Jawad.. really ingenious way to get more traffic to your blog 🙂

    Posted by Satheesh Kumar | July 21, 2011, 2:37 am
  28. 9 out of 48 of his centuries have come against Minos that is 18.75% while 4 of 15 of Mahela Jaywardene’s hundreds have come against minos that is 26.67% .Try to be sure of what u post take the points u mention about Tendulkar into considerations in the case of all the batsmen u have mentioned.I am an Australian but still I believe that u can not be cricket lover and hate Sachin Tendulkar.

    Posted by Chris Parker | July 21, 2011, 3:11 am
  29. Whats wrong with you man????? Do you not watch a match with your head in d game or what??? The guy scored 99 centuries so obviously the losing percentage is going to be big. Are you forgetting that India started dominating ODI properly after he came in. And seriously see the match stats properly, India lost the match not because of Tendulkar but because the other players were too lazy to do anything. Is there any match that you can point out where he was there till the end and did not try to win. “Playing it safe” that’s hilarious, seriously. Stop talking bullshit man. have respect for the game. Coz if you have respect for the game then you will have respect for this amazing talent. I don’t feel angry to be truthful, I just find this article so silly because all it does is proves what a great player Sachin is!!! Get your head in the game mate!!! Stop being a disgrace to yourself!!!!!

    Posted by Arka Roy | July 21, 2011, 11:12 am
  30. I see many people calling rest of indian 10 players as lazy. some mention poor bowlers. remember, you are talking about the likes of dravid, dhoni, yuvi, sehwag, bhaji. these are our heroes and have won us lots of matches. don’t call them lazy and blame them for the losses.

    think before u comment. u r trying to defend sachin and blaming all others.

    Posted by rahul | July 21, 2011, 12:02 pm
  31. 100 is just a number y dont u consider 90 or something………..
    Does greatness of a batsmen is making century and winning the match or just winning the match.
    Sachins average is 70+(till world cup final)way higher than all the great batsmen>more facts
    sachin strike rate is 87+(only sehwag and jayasurya have better)
    sachins average in odis is 46+ all others are in low and mid 30s only ganguly has 41(but strike rate 70 only)
    and sachin has never been dropped from the team but others have got kicked their as*es badly except lara
    u think mahela is the best with ur analysis how many centuries he got outside srilanka,how many he has scored against the dominant aussie team……….fact is if u consider his record outside srilanka u will say he is average batsmen and if u consider outside asia aginst non minnows u will ask is he a batsmen ??

    bottomline: Greatness does not lie in numbers………..
    Sachin Tendulkar and Brain Lara are a class apart they belong to different level

    Posted by srt | July 21, 2011, 4:18 pm
  32. sachin average 70+ in which matches India won

    Posted by srt | July 21, 2011, 4:20 pm
  33. no player except sachin has made 33 100’s enough said .

    Posted by gg | July 22, 2011, 11:21 am
  34. Between 2004 and 2006 Tendulkar’s four consecutive ODI hundreds came in losing matches. He scored four ODI hundreds from 2004 to 2006 and India couldn’t win on any occasion.

    So Jawad is not totally wrong. But one should not forget his centuries that have won india matches single handedly

    Posted by RTS | July 22, 2011, 6:03 pm
  35. The below article is posted in yahoo india ( Top 12 Arguments To Annoy Tendulkar Fans ).

    We present, tongue firmly in cheek, a list of top 12 things to say to Tendulkar fans — just to see if they take the bait.

    1) But Inzamam won more matches than Sachin, no?

    2) What is Lara’s highest score again?

    3) Viv Richards didn’t have a squeaky voice, no?

    4) Won the World Cup? But it was in his home town. It doesn’t count!

    5) Why does Sachin keep getting out to debutants?

    6) Look at the 2003 World Cup. He made so many runs, all for himself.

    7) He is no match for Ganguly. Dada was a far better captain.

    8) Look at Ponting, he never plays for records.

    9) Achrekar? You mean that famous Marathi playwright?

    10) Mumbai Indians? Ha ha! That’s not even a name.

    11) But why do India always lose when Sachin gets a hundred?

    12) You think there’s something wrong with his abdomen guard or…

    Posted by Jawad | July 30, 2011, 8:15 pm
  36. Sachin is a ever graet cricketer.why u compare him to a lower class batsmen inzemam.he find a great oppurtunity to just score 20 runs n a test to go ahead of miandad the higheist scorer for pakistan.but he fail to do that n both innings.inzemam has no great innings agaist great australia and south africa.he just scored against mineos.and if u talking about sachin losing ceturies,then how u forget those two ceturies (122 and 123) of inzemamulhaq against india in 2004 series in which pakistan lost the matches.who should be responsible for that.inzi?no ! This is not 1 man game.every 1 should to be contribut for the victory.

    Posted by Abdullah Qaraar | August 26, 2011, 11:01 am
  37. Inzemam have made just 10 centuries
    While the little master has 9 cenuries only against the great macgrath,brett lee,gellaspi,shane warn’s side and 11 centuries in tests agaist them.only these centuries are equal to the total number of inzemam centuries.

    Posted by Abdullah Qaraar | August 26, 2011, 11:09 am
  38. Hi there colleagues, nice piece of writing and good urging commented here, I am genuinely enjoying
    by these.

    Posted by clt20 | September 18, 2014, 10:01 am


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