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Boycott critisizes ICC’s ‘Greatest Test team of all time’

Geoffrey BoycottRenowned commentator and former English captain, Geoffrey Boycott has said that the selection of the ICC’s ‘Greatest Test team of all time’ is fundamentally flawed. It totally ignores the achievements of the great players of previous generations. “Tell me, who can leave Malcolm Marshall and Dennis Lillee out of their team?” remarked the former English captain.

“ICC’s best-ever Test team is fundamentally flawed and pays scant regard to the great players of the past,” Boycott wrote in his column for Daily Telegraph. “The greatest team of all time? You must be joking. It is so biased it has no credibility. It takes no account of the history of the game and the great players of the past. It insults their records and achievements”

Boycott said that the selection was biased with most of the votes coming from India and Pakistan.

“It has no understanding or knowledge of players from past generations. I bet the vast majority of the votes cast on the International Cricket Council’s website were from fans on the subcontinent” 

Five of the eleven players selected in the team, Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar, Virender Sehwag, Kapil Dev and Wasim Akram, are from India and Pakistan.

The complete list is as under:

1. Virender Sehwag
2. Sunil Gavaskar
3. Donald Bradman
4. Sachin Tendulkar
5. Brian Lara
6. Kapil Dev
7. Adam Gilchrist (wk)
8. Shane Warne
9. Wasim Akram
10. Curtly Ambrose
11. Glenn McGrath

“Apart for Donald Bradman, whose record is twice as good as most batsmen in the history, the rest are all players the current generation have seen play live. Just because you are dead doesn’t mean your record should be forgotten,” Boycott added.

The list leaves out the likes of Malcom Marshall, George Headly, Dennis Lillee and Jack Hobbs, which shows that the voters have totally ignored the greats of the previous generation. 

“More than 250,000 fans took part to select 11 great players. But to dismiss the best from the past shows the voters’ ignorance.”

Boycott is a former English batsman and captain and now a renowned cricket commentator.


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