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Flower hits out at the limited DRS in use in the Test series

Andy Flower, the England Coach has hit out at the limited DRS in use for the current tour. The absense of DRS for reviewing the lbw decisions could have taken its toll on the Lords Test, had the result been effected by the close lbw appeals. England had several close lbw appeals turned down during the final day of the Lord’s Test, including against Tendulkar and Raina. England managed to secure a 196-run victory to take a 1-0 series lead. 

“It would have been wrong if the outcome of the game was seriously affected by a couple of those decisions. It’s unsatisfactory the way it is, no doubt about that,” said the England coach. “I think the ICC should be stronger in taking a lead on these issues. They are the world governing body and they should lead.” The DRS available for the England – India series only uses infra-red technology and stump microphones, which is the minimum standards of the DRS. The English board had desired to have the ball-tracking in the DRS, but India stood firm and refused to its usage in the series. “We all know that DRS is not going to be 100%, but we also know you get more right decisions using it, so let’s not quibble about millimetres here when we know you get more right than wrong and that’s why most Test-playing nations want to use it.”

James Anderson expressed that DRS system only helped in more correct decisions. “We have used it in the last few series we have played and were starting to get used to the method of using it – when you refer and don’t refer. We have enjoyed the fact that at the end of the day more correct decisions were made than the wrong ones. The most pleasing thing was that as frustrating as it was to not have it we managed to not let it affect us and just got on with the job in hand.” The BCCI had stood strong on the DRS issue and given the control, it enjoys over the ICC matters, both the ICC and the England boards have to carve in and accept the use of a limited DRS for the Test series. India has however, come a long way, to be playing under the DRS. They have not played a Test series under the DRS for the past 2 years.

Swann, the England spinner wrote in a column for the Sun, “I think we should use the Hawk-Eye tracking device because it has worked well over the last couple of years and can take flashpoints out of the game” adding that “We all knew Broady’s appeal for lbw against Raina was out but umpire Billy Bowden thought there might have been an inside edge. Similarly, Broady’s shout against Tendulkar would have been given out on review. They could have been massive moments and, if India had clung on for a draw, there’s no doubt we would have been very frustrated.”


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