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Has India Lost its No 1 Spot

Its hard to imagine that a number 1 ranked team could be beaten so comprehensively after taking control of the match in the first two sessions of the first and the second day. India had the hosts at 124 for 8 at tea on the first day before Stuart Broad’s show with the bat helped England reach a decent total of 221. Then on the second day, India looked solid at 215 for 4. They had full control of the match and were suppose to extend their lead and bat like champions but a sudden turn of events lead to a total collapse and India found themselves at 288 all out. They still had a lead and could have capitalized on it but England came down strong and posted 544 giving the World No 1 team a target of 478 runs.

Now this was the time to show some character on the part of the Indians. They might not have been expected to chase the target but the tag of being the best in the world brings along with it a high degree of expectation. The Indian fans and cricket followers all over the world would have expected them to show some resilience and atleast put on a decent fight. But the Indian batting collapsed like a card house, none of the batsman gave the feeling of defiance to the English bowlers. No batsman was able to put a score of over 50 runs. All except one, My Man, Sachin Tendulkar. Now forgive me for being critical, but as soon as he came to bat, I commented that today could be his day. This is the kind of situation he loves, and he almost got there, had it not been for a superb delivery from James Anderson. When the match situation is hopeless, the hopes of winning is bleak, India could not even plan to draw the match, there is no charm in the match and there is no pressure of loosing because it is inevitable; this is the situation that could be ideal to post the 100th century. Such centuries have come for the little master on many occassions. When everybody failed, he stood firm. He was the hero when everybody was critisized. This makes me remember a drama scene of the popular Pakistani stage artist, Umar Shareef. When everything would fall apart, he would deliver his dialog fantastically and say “Mein to sahin ayaa hoon na!” This went on to become the catch phrase. In the worst of situations, he would do his part and be least bother about the demand of the situation or what good his efforts have done. Then he would say the dialog in the most innocent of ways and the crowd would burst in laughter.

Well, coming back to out topic, India have lost two straight matches. They failed to post a score of 300 in any of the innings in the tour. Their batting in the West Indies tour was also not something to write home about. The number 1 ranked team in the world is not living upto the mark. Their current ICC Test Ranking points are at 120 after loosing 5 points due to the two losses in the hands of World No 3 team. While England have won two matches gaining 6 points and their rating is now at 123 thus making them Number 1 and shifting India to the second spot. However this ranking is not official yet as ICC declares its rankings at the end of every month. But at the current position, India have lost their number one spot in ICC Test Ranking.

The outcome of the next two matches of the Test series would determine the final ranking at the end of the month.


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4 thoughts on “Has India Lost its No 1 Spot

  1. One of the worst performances by a number 1 ranked team. when australia were number 1, they looked like number 1, when south africa became number 1, they were even better. but india have struggled even against west indies and were unable to defeat them by a big margin. now the position is that if india looses one of the next two matches or both matches end up in a draw, even then India would be out of the number 1 position

    Posted by RTS | August 3, 2011, 7:16 am
  2. even at this point india are out of number 1 spot but since ranking would be declared at the end of the month, there is some face saving for india and they have a chance to win the next to matches and pretend that nothing happened.

    Posted by RTS | August 3, 2011, 7:18 am
  3. Rankings are based on a team’s performance over a period of time. There are many aspects which propelled the Indian team to Number 1 ranking.
    1. India didn’t lose a series in two years since going down to Sri Lanka in 2008.
    2. India drew the test series in South Africa in testing conditions for their batsmen.
    3. The crux of the team remained the same with not many players injured.
    4. India have not lost back-to-back test matches for a long time.
    These are not excuses for playing so poorly in the last two tests at Lord’s and Trent Bridge. My point is, people are jumping to an early conclusion that India didn’t deserve their ranking. After all, there are still two matches left in the series, which can be won if they play with conviction. As far as I see, lack of preparation cost India both the matches instead of the big players missing out. FYI, India had England on the mat in both the tests; 62/5 at Lords’ and 124/8 at Trent Bridge, but didn’t have the firepower to go for the kill. That lack of killing instinct and Stuart Broad took both the games away from them.
    Nobody can write this team off. Historically, India is bound to play well after being subjected to a lot of criticism. May be, this will spur them to outperform England in the next two games.

    Posted by Arivu | August 3, 2011, 7:24 pm

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