Muhammad Yusuf Retires from International Cricket

Muhammad Yusuf Retires from International Cricket

Muhammad Yusuf Retires from International Cricket

The veteran batsman from Pakistan, Muhammad Yusuf retires from international cricket after being ignored by the PCB’s selection committee. The PCB recently handed central contracts to 23 players however, Yusuf was ignored. This has instigated him to call it a day. He feels let down and humiliated by the current situation. He feels that after serving Pakistan cricket for so long, he has not been given the respect that he deserves. Nobody from the selection committee or the PCB bothered to even contact him or discuss his future plan with him. Being such a senior and telented player, it must be embarrassing to be treated like this.

But the PCB is known to humiliate its senior players. Pakistan cricket as a whole does not respect its heroes. Yunis Khan won the T20 Worldcup 2009 for Pakistan and look at the treatment he has been getting. Wasim Akram is a legend all around the world but the PCB gave him one of the worst retirements. Saeed Anwar had it rough too and so did Saqlain Mushtaq, who holds the world record for fastest 100, 150, 200 and 250 wickets in ODIs. He one of the only two spinners who have taken a hat-trick in ODIs. He is one of four bowlers to have taken two ODI hat tricks and the only spinner to have done so. He was of the likes of Muralitharan and Shane Warne. He was the inventor of the Doosra. He could have gone on to take more wickets than Muralitharan given that his wicket taking rate was better. But he was also kicked out at a young age of 27 or 28. He is 34 years old now and has been in retirement for the last seven years. Inzamam was one lucky fellow, being given a chance to formally announce his retirement and then play his last match, otherwise legends and heroes are normally kicked out when they are no more required. The latest is the Pakistan’s former skipper, Shahid Afridi who is currently facing the music. He is also a victum of the PCB’s anarchy.

So has been Pakistan cricket. Only the lucky or the one with a better PR get a generous fair well otherwise, it all ends up in turmoil and distress. There is also a habit of retiring and returning which might also be somewhat the cause of this because no one knows for sure when a cricketer has retired for good. But all that said, Muhammad Yusuf deserved better than this. He could still be of good use for the team. His presense could strenghten the middle order.

Yusuf is one of the finest batsman Pakistan has produced in the recent past. He holds the world record for scoring the highest number of Test runs in a calender year. He also holds the record of scoring the highest number of centuries in a calender year totaling 9.

Formerly known as Yusuf Yohanna, Yusuf converted to Islam from Christianity during his career due to the peace and truth he found in Islam. He is now a strong believer of Islam and even travels with preaching tours to educate people about Islam and its teachings.

Even if the think tank of the PCB thinks that its time for Yusuf to retire, there could have been an honourable way of doing so. They could have given him a series like Srilanka did for Sanath Jayasuriya. If the PCB hates him so much and are not in good terms with him, they could have done it for the aspiring young cricketers so that they could hope for the same one day. As a nation, if you do not respect and honor your heroes, you would soon stop having heroes.

Playing like Muhammad Yusuf, Wasim Akram, Saqlain Mushtaq, etc is the best it can get. If after achieving that height, this is the kind of treatment one should expect, I just wonder how many young cricketers would be aspiring to become like them.


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2 thoughts on “Muhammad Yusuf Retires from International Cricket

  1. Well stated and with excellent timing

    Posted by hotshot | September 4, 2011, 9:33 pm

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