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The Extra Media Hype Is Not Helping India

The Extra Media Hype is Not Helping India

Dhoni not embarrassed by the margin of losses in the one sided contests

Whenever, India makes too much fuss about something, they have it in their face. Sehwag’s return was so hyped, it looked as if his return would change the world. He was tagged the most destructive batsman by the indian commentators, and he gave them a golden pair.

Sehwag was surely missed in the first two matches, Not by the Indians but by the English side.

Earlier, they had created so much hype about Sachin Tendulkar scoring his 100th century and the guy has been embarrassed so many times trying to go for the milestone. First it was hyped before the India Pakistan Semi-final in the Worldcup and the poor man had to avail 5 lifelines in order to be able to make his 85. I personally think, it was good for him that he did not get the century in that match otherwise it would have been a joke and his critics would have satired about a cat having nine lives.

Going into the English tour, again the media was discussing all about the 2000th test match, the Tendulkar’s 100th century, and how the tour was a great contest of the likes of the Ashes. India got, and is still getting, the worst thrashing with the margin of loss increasing with each and every match.

Sunil Gawaskar, said during the first Test match of the current tour that India are the World Number 1, they should learn to walk like Number 1, they body language should show the world they are the World’s best, and there it was, India quickly slipped to the 3rd spot in the ICC Test Rankings.

The IPL was one more such example, the Indian media was all too busy pointing out how Indian cricket was on top of the world and how the IPL would raise the cricketing standards in India. It would polish young telent and stuff. Well what happened? Indian players are droping fast in the ICC player rankings, team India has already lost its top spot. Infact, they way they have been thrashed around, I would say they would have been better off, if they had not acquired the Number 1 rank, in the first place. Atleast they would not have been so critically analyzed and laughed upon. Now everybody is saying that team India has proved to be a house of cards.

Well I could go on and on, the list would not end. May be all this extra hype is not helping and putting the players under added pressure. May be the media should give the Indian players a break. Let them play to their actual potential. But then, may be the Indian players are all too used to the hype and may be they like it this way. At the post match presentation of the third Test, when asked whether he felt any sort of embarrassment after loosing all three test without even giving a fight, the India skipper, MS Dhoni did not say No but he did not say Yes either. Rather, he spoke more like an old politician and dodged the question without saying whether he was even disappointed with the margin of defeat and not being able to play for full five days. As a captain of the World’s Number 1 team and World champions, you have been defeated so comprehensively in a one sided contest in all three matches and you are not embarrassed? Well, are you proud then?

Not being able to play good cricket is one thing, but not even caring about the losses is insensitive. The Indian fans are all praying for their team and have their hearts filled with emotions and you don’t even feel the defeat. We come to expect more from you skipper. Maybe you could learn from Ponting, who was a man of honor and gave up captaincy after an early exit from the Worldcup.


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