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Aleem Dar wins ICC Umpire of the Year for the 3rd time – completes a Hat-trick

Aleem Dar - Three Time ICC Umpire of the Year

Aleem Dar wins ICC Umpire of the Year for the 3rd time

Aleem Dar, the ICC elite umpire from Pakistan has won the ICC Umpire of the Year for the third consecutive year thus completing the Hat-trick. Dar, 43 was voted by the 10 Full Member captains and eight-man Elite Panel of ICC Match Referees. Decision statistics and officiating skills over the past 12 months were considered in the voting for the Award which also had five-time ICC Umpire of the Year Simon Taufel, Steve Davis and Ian Gould competing for the award.

Dar said upon receiving the award: “It’s a great honour and I’m thankful to everyone at the ICC and also my colleagues on the Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Umpires along with the Pakistan Cricket Board. I’d like to also thank all my family for all their support since I’m away nearly eight months of the year umpiring.”

Dar is a living example that when you do something with complete honesty and full dedication and hard work, you get rewarded at the highest level. We wish fellow countrymen, Asif and Salman Butt would have learnt something from him. Amir, I deliberately exempt because he was very young and must have been lured in by his captain – he might have thought that if I bowl a No Ball, its just one run and my team isn’t loosing the match because of that one run. Besides, the captain could have also told him to bowl a No Ball to give the impression of sloppy bowling to the batsman and then all of a sudden surprise him with a great in-swinging yorker. But then again this could all be my wishful thinking.

Aleem Dar

Imran Khan honours Aleem Dar

Aleem Dar made his debut as an international ICC umpire in 2000 and joined the ICC Elite Panel in 2004. He is considered one of the finest umpires in the game and is especially known for his decisions always surviving the Decision Review system. His decisions are hardly wrong and teams think twice before challenging them. This must also give the players and captains a certain peice of mind while playing. When you are a batsman at the crease and doubt the capabilities of an umpire, you always fear a ball brushing you shirt and umpire giving it as a caught behind or something. But when as a player you know that the guy in the center is the best, you don’t have such worries in the back of your mind and can play peacefully. The match between Pakistan and Canada at the 2011 Worldcup was an example of worst umpiring. Imagine what kind of peace of mind the players would have had in that match.

During the last year Dar stood in five Tests and 13 ODIs including the Worldcup in the India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. He was also one of the on field umpires in the Worldcup final between India and Sri Lanka.


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4 thoughts on “Aleem Dar wins ICC Umpire of the Year for the 3rd time – completes a Hat-trick

  1. Aleem Dar has earned a reputation as one of the best umpire in International Cricket with Simon Taufel. Aleem Dar is widely regarded for his umpiring standards.

    Posted by Karan Sinha | September 15, 2011, 12:10 pm
  2. Comments from Cricinfo on 1st day 1st session of 3rd ODI between Australia and Srilanka being played right now.

    17.4 Welegedara to Ponting, no run, They are challenging Aleem Dar. This is the odd delivery that swings in. Ponting drives away from the body, there is a woody sound as it passes the inside edge. They go for the review right away. The replays, however, show that Dar is right again. The ball has hit the pad, and the bat has hit the boot. Oh Aleem, you beauty

    Posted by RTS | September 16, 2011, 6:26 am
  3. Hmmm, Srilanka has just wasted their review.

    Rule # 21: Never challenge Aleem Dar

    Posted by Siegfried Santos | September 16, 2011, 6:33 am

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