Rahul Dravid Retires – A look at his splendid career

Rahul Sharad Dravid 38, has decided to call it a day as far as ODI cricket is concerned. Dravid had a great career spanning 15 years since his debut in April 1996. He shall continue to play Test cricket which is somewhat unusual for cricketers are most retire from Test to prolong their ODI career but Dravid has chosen otherwise. Infact before his call up to the England ODI series, Dravid was out of ODI cricket for a long time now as selectors thought of him as more of a Test batsman. Cricblogger takes a look at the splendid career of the great legend as he takes the field for the last time in coloured clothings.

Dravid has played 343 ODI and has scored 10,820 runs at an average of 39 and a strike rate of over 71. He scored 12 ODI centuries and 82 ODI fifties hitting 946 boundaries and 42 sixes. He has also taken 196 catches. He is also among the few all rounders who have bowled and also kept wickets. He has taken 4 ODI wickets and also stumped 12 batsmen while keeping wickets as an occasional wicket keeper.

His Test career is obviously much better as he has always been known for his defensive batting and has been nick named The Wall of Indian Cricket. In Tests, Dravid averages at 53 and has scored 35 centuries along with 60 fifties. However, some think that Dravid’s achievements have been largely overshadowed by those of his fellow countrymen Sachin Tendulkar and Ganguly. However, it is just great for the fans to have players like Tendulkar, Dravid and Ganguly all playing in the same era. Here is what Dravid’s father had to say when asked whether he thinks that his son’s achievements are overshadowed by Tendulkar performances. He thoughtfully replied that ‘you could say so’, but ‘that is life’. Dravid senior said that some of Rahul’s performances were extra ordinary, sometimes better than Tendulkar’s but at times they were not given the due recognition that they deserved. But then again that is part of life.

We wish him best of luck and hope he continues to entertain us through his batting in Test cricket for years to come.

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2 thoughts on “Rahul Dravid Retires – A look at his splendid career

  1. Dravid is the best.

    Posted by RTS | September 16, 2011, 1:19 pm


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