Younis Khan Urges Seniors Not To Over Criticize Youngsters

Younis Khan, the former Pakistan Captain and one of the most straight forward cricketers, has said that senior commentators and former players should refrain from unnecessarily criticizing young cricketers. He said that such criticism only shatters their confidence and puts added pressure on them. He said that if any one had a dire desire to criticize someone then he can fulfill his desire by criticizing the seniors as they are now able to live with such unnecessary criticism and also perform at the same time. But for the youngsters, to have some of the great legends of yesteryear and their heroes criticize them on TV can be very damaging. Kudos Younis, you are the best. Always speaking your mind. We are really really proud of you.

Abbottabad Falcons have a number of young players and some of them were very harshly criticized after they lost close matches to Lahore Eagles and Karachi Zebras. Younis was the captain of the Abbottabad Falcons who have exited the tournament in the first round.

“If they harshly criticize the senior players, it is okay because we are now accustomed to this and adjust accordingly and perform as well. But I would request the media, commentators and experts to be careful while talking about the younger players as they take criticism to heart and lose focus and this upsets their careers,” Younis said.

“I appreciate that the media and commentators and experts have a big role to play in cricket and in a big event like this but they must give some leeway to the younger players who are still inexperienced and learning to cope with the pressure of top cricket. Criticism dents their confidence completely,” he added.

Cricblogger salutes Younis for defending his team despite an early exit. Younis Khan is one of those Pakistani players who has never longed for captaincy, he was force to accept it after several attempts by the cricket board. He brought home the Worldcup for Pakistan, the only man to do so after Imran Khan. But when he saw politics creeping in and some players forming a group against him and the board chairman banning him from selection for no apparent reason, Younis gave up the captaincy on his own and never tried to get it back.

There are a lot of players around the world who all pretend to be gentlemanly and straightforward but this is one guy who doesn’t boast about it and keeps it simple and clean.


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