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Najam Sethi hits out at Court in editorial

SETHINajam Sethi, the interim PCB chairman currently suspended by the court, has attributed the Pakistan board’s ongoing PCB crisis to “extraordinary judicial intervention”. He wrote this in his column.

My question is this: Why didn’t Sethi hold the elections when he was given only one task, that is to conduct elections. Instead his focus was on becoming the permanent chairman even if it meant getting the board dissolved and taking the PCB back to adhocism. Something that the PCB got rid off after such a long time.

That is how everyone who gets power does, finds a way to extend his stay by getting it legalized one way or the other. To me, Sethi is doing the same thing that Gen Musharraf did, something he always criticizes in his programs. But today, he has become what he has mocked!

Well done Mr. Sethi. I used to respect you a lot, because you always talked of justice and used to criticize Gen Pervez Musharaf for snatching power from the democratically elected government and then brought about LFO, NRO and imposed emergency in order to retain that power. But today you are doing the same.

You should have focused on holding elections instead of taking us back to adhocism.


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3 thoughts on “Najam Sethi hits out at Court in editorial

  1. Najam Sethi is a political person and any political person must not be authorized for such responsibility. He is not able to conduct fair election of Cricket Board.

    Posted by Stansted Airport Taxis | November 8, 2013, 5:54 pm
  2. PCB and the Najim going up ward. This is the nice shareing i like it. If you want more then click this link.

    Posted by Thomas roger | January 7, 2014, 4:26 pm

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