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Najam Sethi hits out at Court in editorial

Najam Sethi, the interim PCB chairman currently suspended by the court, has attributed the Pakistan board’s ongoing PCB crisis to “extraordinary judicial intervention”. He wrote this in his column. My question is this:¬†Why didn’t Sethi hold the elections when he was given only one task, that is to conduct elections. Instead his focus was on … Continue reading

Three Indian players including Sreesanth involved in spot fixing – arrested by police

Police has arrested three indian players – Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan – all belonging to Rajasthan Royals . They have allegedly been involved in spot fixing and have actually carried out preplanned deals made to bookmakers during this year’s IPL. The police also has identified the matches where the alleged spot-fixing took place … Continue reading

Sehwag Injured, Misses Out From CLT20 2012

Sehwag Jubilates Himself Out of CLT20 with an Ankle Injury! There are a lot of ways to get injured but the injury of Virender Sehwag was strange and funny. India were knocked out of the World T20 tournament in the final Super Eights match in the World Twenty20 against South Africa in Colombo. During the … Continue reading

Shiv Sena, the hindu fundamentalist group, threatens Pak-India series

The BCCI and PCB had finally come to terms on having a bilateral series in December. This had happened a lot of dialogues and debate with India refusing to come and play in Pakistan and also refusing to play at a neutral venue. Mind you, it was Pakistan’s turn to host the series but the … Continue reading

Tendulkar chooses not to play in Sri Lanka ODI Series

Sachin Tendulkar has decided that he will skip the upcoming ODI series in Sri Lanka. This is just great. He would not retire and he would not play either. He likes to pick and choose his series of choice. He has become an MP but does not want to stop playing cricket. But at the … Continue reading

Cricket’s Problem Child Says No to DRS

In cricket, not all match results are equal. At times, factors other than team performance and talent, come into play. The result could be effected by umpires’ decisions, the unavailability of DRS, match bans passed on captains for slow over rate, etc. As the ICC sits down to discuss once again whether to make the … Continue reading

Indian IPL Spot Fixing vs Pakistani Spot Fixing

An indian TV channel, India TV has conducted a sting operation in which some Indian players participating in the IPL are shown involved in illegal actions. One of the players is shown bowling a deliberate no-ball and a telephone recording of the player asking for money to ball the preplanned no-ball. Another recording, a video … Continue reading

IPL viewership drops amid discriminating attitude

The IPL has been a real money spinner paying lavishly to players. It has changed the look and feel of cricket bringing in film celebrities and private franchises to create a commercial success. Cheerleaders dressed in objectionable cloths dancing to the fours and sixes and several cameramen dedicated to focus on them. The phrase “gentleman’s … Continue reading

Tendulkar gets 100th Century – Bangladesh beat India

When Tendulkar scores a century, India looses. Doesn’t even matter if the opposition is Bangladesh. There are millions of fortune tellers in the world who had all predicted that India would loose this game as soon as Tendulkar hit his 100th century. It is strange that such a great batsman hits his century after numerous … Continue reading

Bangladesh Tour of Pakistan 2012

Yes its going ahead! No its not! Wow, I don’t know what to write. Things are changing so frequently that by the time I finish writing this article, something new might have come up. The president of the Bangladesh Cricket Board, Mustafa Kamal was here in Lahore along with a delegation to check the security … Continue reading

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